Test cases/checklists to check against while testing Global Redirect Module on a Drupal site

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Global Redirect is a functional module which ensures the correct redirection of users to the alias of a given drupal path, thus avoiding duplicated content from multiple URLs. This is very important for SEO because otherwise search engines will see the same content at the Drupal path as well as at its alias causing it to believe that the site is duplicating content at two different URLs

Usually Drupal shows the same content for same urls ending with or without a slash "/". For instance,


To Drupal these two are the same page but to a search engine these are two different URLs with the exact same content. Since "duplicate content" is a major SEO issue, Global redirect module is a must from an SEO point of view. Global Redirect addresses this issue by redirecting all the different versions of a URL or a Drupal path to the one URL that is needed.

Here are the test cases/checklists against Global redirect module.

1. As the 1st case, ensure that the global redirect module has been enabled. For this, Login as admin and check if the Global Redirect module is marked/checked under the modules list, as shown in the below image.
Global redirect screenshot

2. Secondly, ensure that Global Redirect module is working as expected. Follow the below given cases for the same:

  1. Ensure that the URL alias given for a node changes automatically and reflects on the URL of that particular node. For testing this, consider a site with domain name example.com. Now follow the below steps:
    • Login to http://example.com as an authenticated user who has the privilege for creating a node/content type.
    • Provide all mandatory details
    • In the "URL path settings" options, provide a path for the node. For example, say "Testing-Global-Redirect-Module" is given for "node 123" (as shown in the below image)

    Testing Global Redirect Module

  2. Ensure that the trailing slashes given in URLs gets removed on firing the url in the address bar.
    For example, say http://example.com/Testing-Global-Redirect-Module is followed by a slash, i.e. http://example.com/Testing-Global-Redirect-Module/ . On submitting this, http://example.com/Testing-Global-Redirect-Module/ should be automatically redirected to http://example.com/Testing-Global-Redirect-Module

Happy testing!

If you would like to ensure that different SEO aspects including Global Redirect is set up correctly on your Drupal site take it through a full SEO Audit and correct all issues identified. We will be happy to help you with this. Contact us to know more.