Drupal Training – A complete package

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As a dedicated Drupal company, Zyxware Technologies is all set to bring out a well-packed training syllabus for Drupal. There is a widely-held misconception in the web development world that Drupal is not easy to learn. However, We, in Zyxware, firmly believe that Drupal is for everyone who loves web development. Infact, there is no need of coding knowledge to develop a website in Drupal. So, one of our key objectives is to let the world know that learning Drupal is pretty easy; it is not rocket science as many believe it to be.

We believe that through proper training, we can bring out the wonderful artist in you - one who can design, develop and architect a world-class Drupal Website.

h4>Our approach to training

We are planning to provide face to face (in class) training, with a development machine pre-packed with Ubuntu 14.04. We are strong advocates of Free Software and hence we use open-source applications in our development environment. Leave your worries aside; we will familiarize you with the required applications, making the learning process convenient for you.

We believe that merely imparting Drupal training doesn't serve the purpose. Hence, we have packed the training syllabus with all the needed understanding of the environment, which includes Linux commands, Git, coding standards etc.

As it is important to consistently evaluate the progress in training, we have decided to conduct on-training assessments as well. We have pre-planned, well-equipped assessment packages that will help the learner to evaluate themselves on their progress, the topics covered so far etc.

Drupal training syllabus includes:

  • Familiar with GNU/Linux command line
  • Understanding Git
  • Programming - Best Practice
  • Drupal - Overview
  • Drupal - Site building
  • Introduction to Drush
  • Drupal Security Guidelines
  • Drupal - Module development
  • Drupal - Theming
  • Drupal - Debugging
  • Drupal Performance