[SOLVED][Drupal Errors] Error sending email

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Many Drupal users can recollect numerous instances of the "Error sending email" error message when trying to install and configure Drupal. If you are facing the same error in your Drupal site then read on to know the fix.

Here is the cause of the error. An Email has two 'from' addresses. The header 'From' address and the 'envelope-from' address. By default PHP uses the current username for both. However many system configurations do not allow an email for each user and system account bringing up the Error sending email error message. Therefore we need to change both addresses to resolve this error. Follow the steps below to change this state.

  • You need to make changes to the following line in the php.ini file. This is the line that stores the user name for the header from address.
    sendmail_from = "[email protected]"
  • Now we need to resolve the default user name for the envelope-from address in the php.ini file. Correct the following line in the php.ini file.
    sendmail_path = "/usr/lib/sendmail -t -f [email protected]"

Hope that helps.

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