Zyxware and CSI Trivandrum organizing one day workshop on HTML5

November 06, 2012 - 03:32

CSI Trivandrum Chapter and Zyxware is jointly conducting a One Day workshop on HTML5 on the 17th of November 2012. The workshop will be held at Hotel Keys, Trivandrum from 9AM to 5PM. Entry is limited to 30 participants only. You can - register online and reserve a seat for yourself for the workshop.

The following would be the syllabus for the workshop. The workshop is targeted at experienced HTML/CSS developers who are planning to switch to HTML5 and attempts to introduce such a person to the full set of concepts in HTML5 programming.

Course Contents

Introduction to HTML

  • History
  • What is new in HTML5?
  • Getting Started with HTML5
  • Feature detection

HTML 5 Features

  • Canvas
  • - Create canvas element
  • - Create canvas text
  • Video
  • - HTML5 video support
  • - HTML5 video formats
  • Local storage
  • - Offline data storage
  • Webworkers
  • Geolocation
  • Validation

New elements

  • Section
  • Article
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Date and Time
  • Input Elements

Browser Compatibility

  • Tips on how to make the HTML5 features work across current browsers

You can read more about the workshop at CSI Trivandrum website.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop or a training program at your institution or facility please contact us for more details.

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