[SOLVED][Drupal 7][Drupal Colorbox] "This image failed to load"

| | 1 min read

A few Drupal users encountered a "This image failed to load" error message when trying to open images in a Colorbox popup on their Drupal site even though they had not made any changes to their Drupal site. This error was more widely reported in Firefox than in IE or Chrome. If you are encountering the same error message in your Drupal site then read on to know the solution.

If you are sure that you had not made any changes to your Drupal site then do a cross check with different browsers. The error was reported only on Firefox. The most widely reported source of the issue was with a few addons to Firefox. See if you had recently added any new addons to Firefox. The 1-click Downloader seemed to be the most common culprit. Uninstall or disable the addon and you should see the error message go.

Hope that helps.

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