[SOLVED][Drupal Views Slideshow] How to create a background slideshow using Views Slideshow?

November 16, 2012 - 14:19

Many Drupal users wanted to know how to create a background slideshow using Views Slideshow. If you are looking for the exact method for creating a background slideshow using Views slideshow in your Drupal site then continue reading.

Here is the solution for creating the background slideshow.

  • Within Views in your Drupal site create a template file for the slideshow image field.
  • Next we have to output the image path in this template file.
  • Take care to display the image in the div too as the slideshow uses the images in the div to determine the size of its display
  • To retrieve the path of the field set a field relationship in Views and the image path should be available as a token.
  • Now the template will be outputting [image_field]
  • Replace this with the background image - background-image:url'[image_field]
  • Next you should override the slideshow CSS (to hide the image in the div)
  • Give it the following style attribute visibility:hidden; width: 100% !important;
  • Next set the slideshow container to 100%.
  • Finally set the background image to be centered.

Hope that helps.

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but if I need background-image for view container, thanks?