[SOLVED][Drupal CKEditor] Upload images in CKEditor

| | 1 min read

Drupal users who migrated from the FCKEditor to CKEditor realized that there was no easy way to Upload images in CKEditor. The reason was that unlike FCKEditor there is no upload tab available in the CKEditor browser unless CKFinder is used which requires a commercial license. If you are looking for way to overcome this limitation then continue reading.

Here is the workaround solution

  • Install both CKFinder module and IMCE module
  • Next proceed to the permissions page in your Drupal site
  • There allow the "CKFinder file uploads" permission
  • Then move to the Edit CKeditor Profile admin page
  • Proceed to File Browser settings and set it as follows
    • File browser type (Link dialog): CKFinder
    • File browser type (Image dialog):IMCE
    • File browser type (Flash dialog): IMCE

Hope that helps.

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