[Drupal] Configuring Drupal Ubercart Shipping Module

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Drupal provides a Shipping module that comes into use when you have a store and you want to ship your products to another location.
Ubercart has a flexible module that provides custom shipping quotes based on configurable weight ranges and custom shipping zones.
For this all you have to do is to download and install the uc_global_quote module.


Step 1: Download the uc_global_quote module from drupal.org on to the sites/modules folder.

Step 2: For configuring the module go to /admin/modules and enable shipping, shipping qoutes and flat rate modules.

Step 3: Shipping zones could be defined as any combination of countries and regions/state.

Step 4: You can add new shipping zones at admin/store/settings/quotes/methods/zones.

Step 5: Now go to /admin/store/settings/quotes.

Step 6: Set the desired shipping quote as per your choice
You can either set the shipping quote as "Flat rate quote" or as "Weight quote" depending on your need.
Each of them needs certain conditions for it to satisfy.

For example we can set the condition as

1.Check an order's shipping country
2.Check an order's number of products
We can set the conditions using "AND" and "OR".

If we need to satisfy all the condition we set the state as "AND" and if we need to choose among the conditions we use "OR" and then save the changes.
Now you can start to test the shipping quotes you have created by adding contents to the cart.

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