[SOLVED][Drupal Ubercart] Google Analytics not tracking Ubercart activity

| | 1 min read

A few Drupal users who were using Ubercart with Paypal WPS realized that Google Analytics was not tracking Ubercart activity in their Drupal site. This made it impossible for Drupal users to tracks sales and conversions which were done using Ubercart. If you want to track Ubercart sales activity in your Drupal site using Google Analytics then checkout the solution.

The problem occurs because the user is not redirected back to the Ubercart page after visiting the Paypal payment page. Follow the steps below to allow Google Analytics to track Ubercart sales activity.

  • Firstly update the settings in the Paypal account with the return URL
  • Also select no IPN there
  • Next Update to 7.x-3.x-dev version of Ubercart (3.0 doesn't seem to work for the return URL)
  • Then in the Ubercart settings page in Anonymous checkout, enable "Log in new customers after checkout."

Hope that helps.

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