[SOLVED][Drupal Webform] New webform element does not show up in overview page.

| | 1 min read

Drupal Webform 3.17 users might find that the webform module has suddenly stopped working after upgrading to Webform 3.18. New webform elements fail to start showing up in the overview page. There is a simple but not so elegant solution for this issue. If you are having the same problem in your Drupal site then read on to find out more.

Follow the steps below to fix the issue.

  • Firstly try upgrading the module to the latest version.
  • If that fails to bring up any satisfactory results then.
  • Disable and uninstall the module. (Be careful as you will lose all the existing webform data in your website.)
  • This will enable you to start with a clean database.
  • Now install and enable the module once again.

Hope that helps.

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