[Drupal Views] How to create a View of distinct active taxonomy terms.

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Having a list of distinct active taxonomy terms is useful for visitors to your Drupal website as they can browse using categories. However implementing it in Drupal Views will produce duplicate terms. There are a number of solutions to overcome this scenario and create a View of distinct active taxonomy terms. Read on to find out more.

  • Firstly create a new view of view type "term" (not the default "node" option!) by selecting correct option after selecting 'Add view'
  • Next add the Taxonomy Term to the list of Fields.
  • Next add a relationship "Taxonomy: Node" and make it compulsory.
  • In the basic settings enable the 'distinct' option.
  • Add some filters to narrow the results as needed. (i.e. only nodes from a certain content type)

This should solve the problem of Duplicates. Drupal provides a solid documentation of how to go about doing this using other methods. Checkout http://drupal.org/node/770782

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