SEO test cases to ensure good ranking of your Drupal/Non-Drupal websites

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Here are some basic SEO tests that you can perform on your Drupal/Non-Drupal website. Whenever a change is made in your site, run these tests for better results and for good SEO ranking.

All these test cases points out to possible problems in the Drupal/Non-Drupal website. The observations and results of these tests can then be passed on to the web developer for updations.

  1. Check if the meta tags and meta descriptions are given and explains what the page is about in the page as well as html code.
  2. Check that the page titles are short and informative in page and html code.
  3. Check that the headings (h1,h2) are meaningful and exclusive in html code.
  4. Check that the images are 'Alt text' in html code.
  5. Check if the ' allow and disallow' given in the html code are working in proper way.
  6. Check that the Google analytics status is 'yes' in the google analytics module.
  7. Check that site information, site name and slogan are unique and accurate.
  8. Check the site loading time.
  9. Check if the mobile site is indexed by Google.
  10. Check through the w3c validator.
  11. Check if the site is shared with social media sites.
  12. Check if the 'bread crumb' is working fine.
  13. Use different free webmaster tools ; for example go to and check the various SEO details.
  14. Check that the xml sitemap covers all links of the pages.
  15. Check that the custom 'search 404 error page' is created.
  16. Check that the page contents effectively communicates the topic of the page's content.
  17. Check that the structure of url is simple to understand and conveying the content information easily.
  18. Check if the pages not accessible by anonymous users are restricted in robots.txt by using free webmaster tool.
  19. Check the performance of the navigation in a website.
  20. Check if the anchor text is easy to convey the contents linked .
  21. Check if the backlinks are working in properly.
  22. Check whether a page has multiple URL.