What are the test cases to be considered while testing Affiliate links?

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Suppose you are testing a product selling website and the site has affiliate links for products. From a tester point of view here I am explaining the cases to be considered while testing affiliate links. Before going to the cases, here I give a general idea about Affiliate links. Affiliate links means they are external links from a site that leads to services, merchants or vendors and it is mainly used for generating revenues for a site based on the clicks. Commonly seen Affiliate links are Ads displayed on a site and when a user clicks the ads the site gets revenue. Suppose your Drupal site displays a product say "books" and links to merchant sites like Amazon or eBay are displayed as affiliated links for that product. When user clicks on 'Amazon or eBay' links, it will be redirected to their corresponding merchant site and user can buy the product from that site. So when a user purchases a product using this affiliate link, our site will gets revenue from merchant sites.

So while testing affiliate links, the cases to be considered are,

  1. Ensure that admin is able to create affiliate links for products.
  2. Ensure that admin is able to edit/delete created affiliate links.
  3. Ensure that the created affiliated link is generated in the required page.
  4. Ensure that the position and alignment of the affiliated link is correct.
  5. Ensure that the affiliated link is directing to the corresponding merchant sites when on clicking.
  6. Ensure that when a user clicks on an affiliate link two things are being checked. They are
    1. Whether user is getting redirected to corresponding merchant sites.
    2. Whether user is getting redirected to correct product page.
  7. Ensure that the URL of the opened merchant site, contains a specific ID (like an Unique Identifier) to identify from where the link comes.
  8. Ensure that the merchant sites are displayed in new tab, ie these are external links, and it should be opened in new tab when on clicking.
  9. Ensure that our site receives commissions for purchases.

Hope this article will be helpful for testers. Thank you.