Request your IT@School GNU Linux CD from Zyxware

January 09, 2008 - 02:22

We have been getting good response from the Linux community regarding the new RequestCD service that we have started recently. We are happy to inform all the IT@School teachers and students that we will be able to provide you with the software CDs for the current IT@School GNU Linux v3.0 CDs. You can request for the three IT@School GNU Linux CDs using our RequestCD system

IT@School GNU Linux is a distribution specifically created for the government schools in Kerala by Free Software Foundation India, Kerala State IT Mission and Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE). SPACE is the not for profit organization which is providing the complete technical support for the IT@School project.

The distro is a customized debian distribution with all the required applications selected for the IT@School Curriculum. All the government schools in Kerala have this GNU Linux distribution in their labs and use this for teaching the subject IT. Students who are eager to go beyond the regular curricular exposure to Linux can order the IT@School GNU Linux CDs from us and set up the system on their home PCs.

The support for the IT@School is provided by SPACE through their IT@School support website and through their support mailing list which can be accessed from

Some members of iLug Trivandrum has also expressed willingness to provide support to students and teachers if they post their queries through the ilug-tvm mailing list (

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hi,i am new user to and my friends are interested to learn linux.


For starters i think ubuntu is the right choice.Try installing ubuntu.And have your plunge into the world of open source software.The sheer choice of applications will leave you amazed.All the best ! Any queries regarding installation or others is welcome.
Manuel Jose
Team Zyxware

its very good for me

It's very safe'easy learn&use