Zyxware Domains now accepts VISA/Mastercard/Discover card/American Express

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We now accept credit cards at Zyxware Domains. You can purchase your domain, pay for it online and then use your domain as soon as you complete your payments online. In addition to credit card payments you can also make payments by direct deposit, cash, cheque or demand drafts. You can also pay us in advance and buy domains and pay for them from your advance account.

Pay by Credit Card

We accept VISA Cards, Mastercards, Discover Cards and American Express cards. We use paypal as our payment gateway. If you have a paypal account you can pay directly from your paypal account. If you dont have a paypal account you have two options. One is to register for a new paypal account and pay from your paypal account. You can also choose to not signup for a paypal account and just pay from your credit card directly.
Pay from Advance Account

If you are planning to buy several domains over a period of time a hassle free alternative to paying each time is to make a bulk payment initially and then use this Advance account balance to pay for domains as and when you buy them. You can add funds to your advance account using any of the other payment options.
Pay by Direct Deposit

If you have an account with ICICI bank(any branch in India) or SBI(any branch in Trivandrum City), you can transfer the amount directly to our accounts.

Our ICICI Bank Account Number : 038905001939
Our SBI Account Number: 31729152457.

You can also deposit the money in cash from any ICICI branch in India or any SBI branch in Trivandrum City to our corresponding accounts. Once you transfer the amounts please send us an email at [email protected] with the banking transaction ID to complete the payment process.

Pay by Demand Draft(DD)

You can send a demand draft for the amount payable to Zyxware Technologies, Trivandrum.

Pay By Cheque

You can send us a cheque for the given amount plus Rs. 75 clearing charges if you are sending an outstation cheque. If you are sending an at-par cheque you don't have to pay the extra collection charges. Your transaction will be considered completed only after the amount is collected to our accounts.

Send cheques and demand drafts to

Zyxware Technologies
3/118 Kesavadasapuram
Pattom P.O.
Trivandrum, Kerala,
India - 695004
Ph: 91-4714063818
If you have any questions you may please contact us at [email protected]