Special Discount on .Net and .Mobi Domain Names

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We are offering you never before prices on .net and .mobi domain names. The offers are valid only till December 2007. .net domain name prices have been dropped to Rs.250 while .mobi registration price has been dropped to Rs.450. So make most out of it and register your domain names now.

.net domains are priced at Rs. 250 for registrations, renewals and transfers. To make most out of this offer go ahead and register/renew your .net domain at http://domains.zyxware.co.in for the longest possible period and sit back and relax. If you already have your .net domain registered at another registrar, don't worry, you can transfer the domain to us and enjoy the benefits of this special deal. You will be charged Rs.250 for the transfer, but you will get a year added to your existing domain expiry date.

.mobi is a new Top Level Domain(TLD) targetted at websites focussing on mobile users and WAPI enabled websites. If you have been holding on to that website idea targeting mobile users here is your chance to get hold of that .mobi domain name for almost half the rate as normal. .mobi domains are priced at Rs. 450 for new registrations. All renewals and transfers will be charged at existing price of Rs.850 for .mobi domain names.