.in Domain Name Prices Slashed to Rs 250/-

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Here's your chance to establish an online presence in India with the .IN vanity ccTLD at Rock Bottom Pricing! You can now avail of second and third level .IN Domains at a never before pricing of Rs 250.00 and Rs 200.00 respectively. Visit Zyxware Domains to register your domain.

Why .IN?

.IN being a Vanity ccTLD representing the term 'Internet', is widely used world over and is one of the fastest growing ccTLDs at the moment. You can have a .IN Domain for virtually any kind of website since it stands for 'Internet'.

Make your presence felt, in a country that is ranked with one the largest economic market exchange rate, by using a .IN domain name -- the symbol of India's future!

What makes this an even better deal for you is the fact that a lot of good Domain Names are still available under this TLD. So grab yours before anybody else does!

.IN registrations are freely available to companies, individuals and organizations worldwide, and there are no nexus or other qualifications required. The following are all the .IN extensions:

* .IN
* GEN.IN (general)
* IND.IN (individuals)


* This promo pricing applies only to new second and third level .IN domain names registered, and only for the FIRST YEAR of Registration. A 2 year .IN Domain Name therefore will be charged at Rs.900.00.
* Renewals and Transfers will NOT attract this special pricing.
* There are absolutely NO restrictions on the number of Domain Name registrations.

How to avail of special Prices
Go to Zyxware Domains and select the domain you want to register. The domains will be listed at the non-promotional pricing. Ignore the price and continue to the checkout. Once the sale is confirmed and you are taken to the final payments page you will see the promotional price applied and you will get the reduced pricing.