A special thanks to our Customers and Service Providers.

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Year 2008 is round the corner and year 2007 is almost over. This last year was a very good year for Zyxware Technologies. We have to give our special thanks to our Cusomers and our Service Providers for the wonderful cooperation we have received during 2007. Our customers have been very cooperative and understanding and they also have helped a lot in spreading the word about Zyxware. Our operations as a company benefited a lot from the set of wonderful service providers that we have. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their patronage and all of our service providers for their services.

Zyxware was well accepted by our customers and we are happy that we have been able to provide excellent service for all our customers but for a few exceptions. To err is human but to forgive is divine. Even in such cases where we had lapses in the quality of our service, our customers have been very understanding and have given us enough slack to rectify our mistakes. Our objective is 100% customer satisfaction and we promise to all our customers that we will try to maintain that through the coming years.

We would also like to thanks to all our customers who have been actively promoting Zyxware and the Vision behind Zyxware. Their efforts have been so wonderful that we have been depending solely on the Word of Mouth Marketing for our sales. As a result we have been able to keep our marketing costs very low and in turn return it to our customers through our low prices. Some of our customers have even tried to promote Zyxware at their cost. We thank all of you for your amazing support for the last year and we hope that you would continue to do so in the future.

It would not have been possible for us to manage our operations smoothly had it not been for the awesome services rendered by our service providers. We got excellent and timely services from these people and we never had to worry about getting things done. All we had to do was to let the relevant provider know of our requirements and ta-da! we were done. That simple. We would like to thank them also for the services they have given for us and hope to continue getting their good services in the coming years.

It wouldn't be practical to list all our customers and thank them one by one and hence our blanket thanks to all our customers. We would however like to thank individually all our service providers for their serices for the last year.

Banking - We bank with both SBI (SIB Branch, Trivandrum, India) and ICICI (Kowdiar Branch, Trivandrum, India). The employees at these branches have been very helpful in their services and have ensured a smooth banking experience for us.

Telephone and Internet - BSNL is our service provider for our land lines, our mobile connections and our Broadband internet connections. Contrary to popular beliefs about public sector companies BSNL has been extremely good at their services in terms of support and in terms of quality of the telecom service provided.

Accounting - The firm - Ravi and Sabin, Chartered Accounts, Trivandrum - have been our accounting firm from the point we started our company till date. They have been totally amazing with their support and guidance throughout. When we started the firm we had no clue about how to set up a firm and the regulations and procedures that we had to follow to get things done. Without their assistance it would have been very difficult for us to get all these done. Besides they have been helping us with our monthly returns, monthly book-keeping and annual returns.

Legal Consultancy - There has not been too many legal issues that Zyxware had to face to date, but in whatever areas we had questions we were assisted by Adv Deepak J. M, The Chamber, Trivandrum. It is tough to find answers to legal questions online but all our issues, even the silly ones, were handled graciously by our legal consultant.

Interiors and furnishing - We have been depending on the Architectural firm - ADS Associates, General Hospital, Trivandrum - for all our interior decoration needs. The firm is run by two architects Navaz (9447247294) and Ajith (9447171998) who have been very helpful with their teams and with their valuable suggestions. It is also worth mentioning that they have been assisting us even with small issues for which normally architects and contractors would not bother to deal with. Had it not been for them we would have found it difficult to get all the nitty gritties straightened out while setting up our firm.

Furniture Store - We bought all our furniture from Furnishing Avenue(04712450183), Chalai, Trivandrum. They have been giving us excellent prices and good support for whatever small issues that we have faced. They also had delivered all the goods that we purchased to our office even when the size of the purchases were small. We also are thankful specifically to Vimal who have been the customer service executive at their store, who dealt with our transactions, for the inside information and tips that he gave us during the purchases.

Engineering works - When we furnished our office we designed wall mounted tables for the software developers. The designs were made and implemented by Empire Engineering & Constructions, Ambalamukku, Trivandrum. The firm is run by Mr. Baiju S (9447220397) and he had himself personally taken the pains and care to design and deliver the tables on time. In addition the firm had also helped us in some minor works for which we would have found it difficult to get done from otherwise big stores. The design and implementation was done at very reasonable prices and we were totally satisfied with the work.

Electrical works - Our interior wiring power supply wiring was done by Modeks Enterprises, Eanjackal, Trivandrum. We entrusted them with the complete work from designing the wiring, purchasing the goods and wiring the place. They did a wonderful job and we were saved from any kind of troubles. The firm is run by Mr. Santhosh (9387655117) and he had himself personally supervised the complete operations. The work was done on time and at the lowest rates possible without compromising on quality at all.

DTP works - We depend on another startup firm Beyond Documentation(9387092366, 04712432535) located at Kowdiar, Trivandrum for all our DTP, Photostat and Bulk Printing requirements. Their service has been very good and they offered us one of the best rates available in the market. We normally email our documents to them and they will take the printouts and necessary DTP work and keep the documents ready by the time we go there to collect it, saving a lot of time we would otherwise have to spend on waiting at DTP centers. Besides they are our next door neighbor and hence saves time in traveling too.

Color DTP and Professional DTP works - For color print outs, professional DTP work and large format prints we depend on Tandem Communications, Statue, Trivandrum (0471-3012175). They open early (8AM) and close late (10PM) and have been a good back up option when our neighbor hood store is closed. We have also depended them for scanning and editing images. They have provided high quality professional services for all our requirements.

Stationery - We buy all our stationery items from VLS Book stores, Saphalyam, Palayam (04712320663). They also give an additional service by allowing us recharge of prepaid cell phones over the phone. They have given us excellent pricing on all the stationeries. In addition we have been totally satisfied with the quality of goods purchased from their stores.

Printing of Account Books - We have a printing press next door - Emmanuel Printing Press (04712439542) - and we have been depending on them for all our bill book printing needs. They have provided us prompt service and also quality printing. They have been helpful with their suggestions while designing our bill books. They also have done a pretty good job with the printing and we have been very satisfied with their service.

Visiting Cards - We depend on another small firm - Vajra - located at Bakery Junction, Trivandrum (9847251828). The firm is run by Mr. Chandu. We have printed our visiting cards, letterheads and official covers at their firm. Print quality has been very good and the service and delivery was prompt. They also had taken the initiative to serve us at our doorstep saving us a few trips.

We have had several other business relationships during the last year but none matched the service provided by these firms/people. The main reasons why we are satisfied with them are that they gave us the same kind of treatment that they gave to other customers in spite of the small nature of the jobs we had to get done. Additionally we did not have to go through big hassles to get things done through these people. It is one of the most important aspects of providing service - keeping the customer worry-free - and these firms had done that exceptionally well. Thank you all for the same. We hope that businesses like ours will find this useful when scouting for service providers.