Why Drupal Is the Best CMS for Federal Sites

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Many organizations have always preferred Drupal owing to its rich features and functionalities and its vast community that supports any critical issues. The Drupal versions have always focused on improving the management features that help the users and developers create a secure and smooth enterprise website. 

Recently, the open-source initiative by the US government has gone a long way toward helping agencies advance their open-source journeys. Many federal organizations such as Federal IT Spending Dashboard (USA), Human Rights Museum (Canada) etc., are opting for Drupal development to create their websites. It helps them establish citizen trust, provide relevant and timely information, maintain solid security, and make the most of limited budgets.

It’s not that Drupal’s popularity increased after many big brands started adopting it. It was already famous in the CMS market, and users know Drupal’s extensive features.

Drupal powers nearly 24% of all federal websites, ensuring the right balance between good governance and security. Drupal’s under 2% Internet market share translates to more than 1 million sites, out of which over 1.4 Lakhs Drupal federal websites are active.

Now let’s look at the reasons that make Drupal their first preference.

Let’s dive in!

1. Multisite Feature

Governments have countless sites, and building up each would take a considerable amount of time. With Drupal, an identical codebase is duplicated and used to construct another site with the multisite component. A comparative codebase guarantees that specific highlights stay equal throughout, maintaining consistency. It improves the administration and guarantees that each redesign is done just once. It helps spare a great deal of time when creating websites for state governments.



2. Security 

Offering a secure site that protects your content and sensitive user information is critical for maintaining your reputation and public trust. Drupal offers robust security capabilities, from regular patches to prominent notifications about updates to security modules you can install for additional peace of mind. Unlike other open-source platforms, Drupal has a dedicated security council that keeps an eye out for potential issues and develops best practices to keep sites stable and secure.

3. Upgrading Infrastructure

Federal organizations have observed an increasing need for building and upgrading infrastructure, especially in the urban areas due to massive population growth. In situations like this, new infrastructure can be beneficial to support the growing population and increase economic activity. The governments could build intelligent infrastructure by adopting digital technology to provide digital literacy among citizens. Some examples are software, smart devices and sensors that can enable secure access to government services. 

4. Improving Adaptability

Another prominent feature of Drupal and open source, in general, is its ready adaptability. Due to its flexible, modular architecture, one can use Drupal for small to substantial builds. You can still meet niche needs while meeting the robust demands of the enterprise. The exact reasons why Drupal is gaining popularity in private-sector also drives the CMS’s government growth.



5. Multilingual

Government sites need to consider their more extensive and divergent population to celebrate the multilingual legacy of the nation. The content translation module in Drupal enables pages and individual content to be translated by making a cloned set in the translated language. Another alternative, the entity translation module, permits specific fields to be translated. More than a hundred languages are accessible to intensify the extent of governance. With this, Drupal gives the administrator a choice to write in their favored language while the content can be translated into the destination language.

Bottom Line

In recent years, internet and web development have been incorporated by many governments in their governance. Drupal is a proven and secure CMS that meets diverse government needs. Drupal works with recommendable web guidelines, which ensures the government truly stands on the open-source application goals.

We are here to encourage you to be the next one who will use the tremendous possibilities of Drupal. Learn more about Drupal 9 release date, find out more about Drupal 7 end of life and get a quote so we can work together to build you a powerful website.


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