GovCMS Vision


GovCMS offers a sustainable, fiscally responsible and transparent web content management platform for driving digital transformation in e-governance. You can create modern, feature-rich and efficient websites to connect better with your constituents – and see citizen engagement flourish. 

GovCMS Services

GovCMS Solutions Consultancy


GovCMS Solutions Consultancy

Framing a GovCMS strategy requires detailed planning as the platforms built using GovCMS are meant to be integrated with several systems and deliver exceptional citizen services. Combining our public services domain expertise with the industry-standard procedures helps us in delivering a crystal clear strategy for your agency. 

Discovery Workshop


Discovery Workshop

Understanding organizational requirements and aligning it with the future roadmap is a crucial step for any GovCMS project. A well structured Discovery Workshops run by our Business Analysts and Technical Architects ensure this alignment. The roadmap prepared by this engagement will act as the blueprint of the project.

UI/UX Research & Design


UI/UX Research & Design

We offer the full spectrum UX design services - UI/ UX Strategy consulting, Brand Identity, User Research, UI/UX Design, and Development -  for websites, enterprise software, and mobile applications. By applying design thinking and cognitive behavioural science to citizen experience, we create engaging designs for the government.

GovCMS Implementation


GovCMS Implementation

If you are looking at implementing your digital strategies using GovCMS, we are your best bet. With Zyxware as your development partner, you have an expert team of Acquia certified Drupal developers with a decade of exclusive Drupal experience to put you on the road to success. Our experts will seamlessly integrate your solutions and equip your internal resources with the knowledge needed to

Mobile Application Development


Mobile Application Development

Its becoming imperative for government agencies to have a mobile touchpoint to cater to the highly mobile younger citizens. Our expert team of mobile application developers can help government agencies and departments integrate mobility into their digital strategy and help them deploy mobile apps for operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows.

System Integration Services


System Integration Services

An agency uses a multitude of systems from multiple vendors and the life of an organizational user becomes much easier when the different systems communicate among themselves and offer a seamless experience to the user. Whether it is an identity management platform or a CRM or ERP like SAP, system integrators at Zyxware ensure its Interoperability with GovCMS platform. 

GovCMS Migration


GovCMS Migration

We help government agencies in their migration from existing systems to the GovCMS ecosystem. Whether it's an open-source platform or a proprietary platform, our migration experts will lay a migration plan that ensures hassle-free migration to GovCMS platform. We also help organizations in modernizing platform during migration to cater to the evolving demands of the day.

GovCMS Maintenance & Support


GovCMS Maintenance & Support

You can have a dedicated support team which helps keep the platform updated and secure from threats. Our support team can take care of ongoing system enhancements on your live website or application.

GovCMS Version Upgrade


GovCMS Version Upgrade

We offer intuitive GovCMS Migration services that reintroduce the same designs and functionalities on your platform, without compromising on the user experience. Enjoy a seamless migration to the latest version of GovCMS right away and avoid getting caught up when support period for the older version ends.


Citizen Engagement Platform

The platform will offer

  1. Custom modules to cater to the institution's specific requirements
  2. Personalised citizen experience
  3. Mobile-first experience
  4. Lower lifetime cost due to open source technologies
  5. Intuitive content authoring experience
  6. Analytics ready

Self Service Adoption Enhancements

Add Citizen Self Service Adoption Enablement Suite

  1. Natural Language Search
  2. Natural Language Chatbots
  3. Easy Online Meetings
  4. Form Automation
  5. Personalised notifications
  6. Seamless request tracking system

Automated Communication Systems Package

Keep users engaged and provide automated assistance throughout using

  1. Automated email drip campaign system
  2. User behaviour triggered communications
  3. Automated content dissemination system
  4. Omnichannel communication orchestration
  5. AI-powered virtual assistant


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LUXVT is the one-stop solution to effectively portray properties online in stunning ways to elite clients of upmarket real estate agents. It is a powerful online marketing solution tailored specifically for these upmarket agents and their properties. 

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Bhutan Government Secures All Government Websites By Adopting New Custom Drupal Distribution

Bhutan Government Secures All Government Websites

Department of IT and Telecom ​(DITT)​ being the nodal department for IT infrastructure ​had the responsibility of managing the websites of different government entities. While there were many common features to these websites, they were built using different technologies, and therefore, maintenance was difficult costly.

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5 reasons why Drupal is the best CMS for building an SEO-friendly website

Drupal - the best CMS for a SEO-friendly website

Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) plays a vital role in deciding the future of any business, especially online businesses. Search engine results are responsible for driving traffic to websites and the results which are displayed on the first page are the most attractive to users like us.

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On 04/04/2019, INSEAD launched its Annual Report 2018 in a brand new form - A microsite built on Drupal.

INSEAD Annual Report Launched

It is exciting to see one of the world’s premier management schools roll out its annual report on a Drupal solution. As a Signature Supporting Partner of Drupal, we’re extremely proud to have built the website.

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Takamol B2B Online Marketplace

Takamol B2B

Takamol is a Saudi Arabian government owned limited liability company incorporated to provide services for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and thereby contribute to the development of the non-oil economy in the country.