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Information architecture (IA) refers to the practice of categorizing, organizing, and labelling websites to enhance usability and findability. It simply means a logical structuring of content and information that creates sense for the audiences. The labelling should be clear, concise, and suitably descriptive. Finally, the goal is to create usable and easily findable content structures from complicated sets of information.
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jQuery is a famous javascript library used widely. It allows the developer to create very complex client side operational web tools easily. The jQuery is actually allows us to work on the DOM tree which has various html elements used in the webpages.
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When you set out to build a website for your company there are a lot of aspects that you should be considering while deciding on the technology decisions. Based on these different aspects and based on how you prioritize between them the technology decisions that you take would vary. Going for a Content Management System is a no brainer if you wish to manage the content on your site. Both Drupal and Wordpress are good choices for building your new company website. However there are differences between them and this is an attempt to help you make a decision on this.