Hire Dedicated Team of Drupal Developers from India

We are one of the largest Drupal companies based out of India. If you are looking to hire a dedicated team of Drupal Developers you have come to the right company. We will be able to provide you with dedicated teams of Drupal Developers to work on your Drupal project. Staffing of Drupal projects with Full Time Equivalent (FTE) resources is one of the most effective ways of taking on long term / large projects.

Key Features

In this model you will be able to pick from our pool of developers the right set of people to work on your project. The developers will work dedicatedly on your project and will follow the processes and systems that you would want them to follow. The salient features of the model are

  • You get to pick the Drupal developers and other resources who are going to work for you
  • You will have options to decide on the constitution of the team
  • You will have options to decide on processes and workflows to be followed
  • You will have a fully functional team working for you with the different types of resources required for your work
  • The resources will work dedicatedly on your project
  • You will stand to gain from the long association of developers with projects
  • The developers will be better aligned to your organizational goals
  • You will be able to fine tune priorities and hence the development will be more agile than if otherwise
  • You will have clear visibility and control over your monthly IT budget

Some projects are better aligned for an engagement of this model than other projects. The following are some points you will have to consider will deciding on the staffing / FTE / dedicated resources model of engagement

  • How long is the project going to be? Dedicated teams are better suited for long term engagements of 3 months of more of development work.
  • How clear are the requirements and how variable do you think they are going to be? Dedicated teams would allow you to have very flexible requirements and the ability to modify requirements as you build out your project
  • Do you expect the work on the project to continue after your initial build? If yes, then it would make more sense to go with a dedicated team of developers for the initial build as well
  • Do you want strong control over the daily / weekly activities of the team? If yes, then a dedicated team would work best for you

If you are clear that this model of engagement works best for your Drupal development needs do let us know. If you are not sure do talk to us anyway and we can work with you to identify the best model of engagement for your requirements.