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Content marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to drive traffic to website and build awareness and reputation for your business. Content marketing basically involves preparation and distribution of content in order to attract, retain, and engage your target audience. Some of the most popular types of content include publishing status updates and photos on Facebook and Twitter, posting Q&As, blog posts, how-to articles, and posting videos on YouTube.
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We have already seen how to pass banner ad attributes to landing pages and also how to how to pass custom site variables to landing pages in our previous articles. Now, how can we get them included in the form submit of a landing page and get them emailed along with the lead. Here is how we can do it. Follow these steps in your landing page corresponding to your ad.
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We have seen how to pass banner ad attributes to landing pages in our previous article, How to pass openx banner ad attributes to landing pages. We have passed the banner ad attributes supported by Openx using magic macros. Now, what if the variable that we want to pass is not available in the list of macros supported by OpenX? Read on to find out how to pass custom site variables in openx to landing pages.
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One of our partners came to us with a very innovative requirement for their OpenX banner ads that we placed on our site. Our partner wanted to pass the ad name and source(zone) as variables to landing pages. They basically wanted to pass the openx banner ad attributes to landing pages so that the landing pages could be modified accordingly. We thought it was a good idea and proceeded to modify it.
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OpenX is a free and open source ad server. It is a professional ad server which can be used for managing ads like Google DFP, and has many features like geographical ad delivery limitation, features to limit ad based on the user agent, client IP address, client domain, site variables, just to name a few. OpenX also provides a robust reporting interface. Read on to know how to install Openx in a GNU/Linux based server.