Zyxware presents its ideas about IT Enabling Small and Medium Enterprises with Free Software at the ICFOSS Interaction with SMEs

Zyxware was invited to participate in the recently conducted ICFOSS Interaction with Small and Medium Enterprises on SME IT Requirements and FOSS. The meeting was organized at Kochi for SMEs in Central Kerala. At the interaction we presented our ideas about how a Small business can take the first steps towards enabling their businesses with IT.

You can see our presentation at the following URL
IT Enabling SMEs with FOSS - an introductory presentation

Zyxware lends technical support for real time video streaming at ICFOSS Conference

January 31, 2012 - 17:10

We had recently received the opportunity to provide video conferencing and live streaming services for the recently concluded fourth International FOSS Conference conducted by ICFOSS which was conducted from till 27-12-11 and concluded on 29-12-11. The technical support we offered was designed to be simple and can be replicated with minimum of effort to cover any other Free Software event. We have created an article on the technical aspects of setting up video streaming in Ubuntu and posted it on Ubuntu Manual. Check out the post on How to stream your webcam videos live online using Ubuntu. Feel free to share it with other FOSS enthusiasts who want to organise similar FOSS related events.