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| 1 min read
If you use git as the version control system for your software projects be it Drupal or non-Drupal projects then there is a very good chance for you to have tried deleting branches locally. It is not very often that you have to delete branches from the remote repository. However when people delete branches from remote repositories these branches would still show up in local repositories of the developers. Here is how you handle this.
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| 5 min read
Here is another Free Google App script from Zyxware. This is a simple Google Spreadsheet based Google App which we had developed in-house to manage tasks that are coordinated closely by our Project Management Office. We are releasing this utility as Free Software under a GPL license. We use Redmine as our project management system and manage all the project related tasks through redmine. However there would still have to have management / supervision effort put in to manage and review the execution of these tasks, groups of tasks and the project as a whole. This app helps us in taking care of that.
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| 6 min read
Two important aspects about managing multiple projects with multiple teams are scheduling of the projects & milestones and allocation of resources to these projects. Over the past few years we have been using a simple Google Spreadsheet based utility which we had developed in-house to schedule projects and to allocate resources for projects. We had earlier released this as Free Software under a GPL license and made this available as free template and over 1000 users are currently using this tool.
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| 3 min read
Here is a script to help you find empty directories located under a specified parent-folder. The file folders.txt contains the list of folders that are to be passed as input to the script. The script will now check all the folders mentioned in the file folders.txt, and give the list of folders that are empty. The output can either be seen at the terminal or it can be passed to a file via a redirector. Here is the code for the same:
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| 4 min read
We had a query from one of our customers to help them migrate their local mail server to Google Apps. They wanted to do this because they did not have the sufficient in-house capability nor have the funds to get paid external capability to support an internal mail server. One hurdle that they were facing was that they had around 40GB of mail left on the local mail server that they wanted to migrate to the new mail accounts they created on Google Apps.