Community Projects

Community Projects undertaken by Zyxware

Zyxware Technologies to sign MoU with VHSS Irimpanam to launch computational thinking skill enhancement initiative

Zyxware Technologies is signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with VHSS Irimpanam, Thrippunithura, Ernakulam, on Friday, 12 June 2015, at 2.00 p.m., to launch the computational thinking skill enhancement initiative. The company would be donating Raspberry Pi kits, purchased through the contributions of its employees, to the Irimpanam School as part of the programme.

Zyxware joins Open Invention Network, reaffirms commitment to open source

Zyxware Technologies is pleased to announce that it has joined Open Invention Network (OIN), the largest patent non-aggression community formed with the mission to protect and promote Linux. This is a major move for Zyxware as it positively affirms the company's support and commitment for innovation in open source software.

It's party time: Zyxware to celebrate the release of Debian 8 Jessie

Zyxware Technologies is on cloud nine, as it gears up to celebrate the worldwide release of Debian 8 “Jessie” - the latest stable version of the well-known Debian distro. The much-awaited Debian GNU/Linux 8 (codename 'Jessie') computer operating system is slated for release on Saturday, April 25, 2015. This is in fact a wonderful news for Debian fans, as the new operating system brings with it an array of fascinating features, up-to-date Linux technologies, and core components.

Zyxware contributes CiviCRM extension for Free Software Foundation (FSF) membership campaign

Zyxware Technologies has developed and contributed CiviWCI (CiviCRM Widget Creation
Interface) to the Free Software Foundation to assist in the fund raising campaign that FSF is launching in Dec 2014. The extension is expected to help FSF create “Donate Now” and “Join Now” widgets (fund raising and newsletter subscription) that can be embedded on any site that wishes to support FSF. This extension will replace the earlier widget system used by FSF. Through this contribution, Zyxware once again reaffirms its commitment to Free Software and the community around Free Software.

Zyxware conducts GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) training for Kerala Legislative Assembly Employees

As part of the ongoing process of migrating computers in Kerala Legislative Assembly to Free Software, we got the opportunity to offer GNU/Linux training to the first set of 120 employees of Kerala Niyamasabha. Zyxware Technologies conducted trainings for 8 batches of staff of Assembly. Each batch had a session of 2 hours each.

Free and Open Source Software Currently Available through the RequestCD Program

December 26, 2008 - 01:02
We have been running a highly popular Request CD program for the last one year. Through this people across India have been requesting Free and Open Source Software from us and we have been downloading and writing these on to CDs and DVDs and sending to these people. We have only been charging for the cost of the media and the shipping and handling charges from the people because we wanted to use this program to promote Free Software across India. We have prepared the list of software that are currently available from us through RequestCD and are publishing it here

Zyxware Volunteers for Free Software Free Society Conference 2008

December 14, 2008 - 11:30
Continuing the good work we have been doing in the area of Free Software we had recently volunteered our team and resources for the Free Software Free Society International Conference on Freedom in Computing, Development and Culture. The conference was a resounding success in terms of the exposure that it gave to Free Software to the public in Kerala (primarily over internet and media) and more importantly the exposure it gave to the Free Software community in Kerala to the International Free Software Community.

Freedom Walk - A walk to claim, ensure and preserve freedom

Millions of people worked hard and even paid with their lives to earn us the freedom we enjoy today. Is our current generation aware of the value of this freedom? From the lack of social and political sensitivity and the lack of activism in our society it might seem that this is not so. It is as if we are devaluing freedom every day. With the commercialisation of almost every sphere of life, most people are not able to find any time to put in effort to fight this alarming trend. Most, but not everybody. At Zyxware, we have decided to focus our efforts to tackle this issue head on.

Zyxware Announces Launch of India's First Freedom Toaster

Zyxware Technologies, today announced that they will be releasing India's first Freedom Toaster in a function to be held at Park Center, Technopark on 1st Sep at 4:30PM. The toaster will be inaugurated by The Hon'ble Minister for Education, Government of Kerala, Shri. M.A. Baby who will also inaugurate the 5-day GNU/Linux Install fest which will be held at the same venue from Sep 1 to Sep 5.

GNU / Linux Install Fest and Free Software Seminar Series at Technopark, Trivandrum

Zyxware technologies joins hands once again with GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum to organize the third install fest of the year in Trivandrum. This time the event is planned on a much more massive scale than the first two install fests. The earlier events were 1 day events targeted at the general public. This time it is targeted at the IT community in technopark and it is a full week program. The program is scheduled to be conducted from Sep 1 to Sep 5 at Park Center, Technopark, Trivandrum.

The Ubuntu Manual Project

We install Ubuntu on almost all systems built at Zyxware. One common request we have heard from our customers was for a simple printed user manual that they can use to learn and start using Ubuntu. We have been guiding people to the web to learn the ins and outs of using the operating systems but this does not always work very well. As a permanent solution to this problem we are embarking on an ambitious project to create a print ready Ubuntu Manual. As the first step towards this we have created a website dedicated to compiling content that can go into the ubuntu manual. You can check out the ubuntu manual site.

Alappuzha GNU/Linux Users Group

With a view to promote free software across Kerala, we have decided to promote district wide groups and as part of this initiative we have started GNU/Linux Users Group Alappuzha. This group is specially focussed on Free Software Enthusiasts from Alappuzha District erstwhile known as Alleppey . We will support all free software including but not exclusively all GNU/Linux distributions. We invite all Free Software Users and Supporters from Alappuzha district to join this group and have fun. You can join this group by sending a mail to ilug-alp-subsribe @ or you can join from the Alappuzha GNU/Linux Users Group Website.

Zyxware and ILUG Trivandrum joins hands for Mandriva Linux Install Fest

Zyxware Technologies joins hands with GNU/Linux Users Group Trivandrum (ilug-tvm), SPACE-Kerala and FSF India to bring to the public the second GNU/Linux Install fest in Trivandrum in the last 3 months. This time the event is arranged to coincide with the Worldwide Mandriva Linux Install Fest so as to pledge our cooperation with the Mandriva Community. The event is arranged for the 14th of June 2008 at Cotton Hill Lower Primary School, Vazhuthacaud.

First GNU / Linux Install Fest in Kerala for the general public

As part of the GNU/Linux Users Group in Trivandrum we are proud to bring to computer users in Trivandrum a wonderful opportunity to try out GNU/Linux for free. GNU/Linux Users Group- Trivandrum, Free Software Foundation - India, Zyxware Technologies and joins hand to bring to fruition the first publicly held GNU/Linux Install Fest in Kerala.