Digital Communications Specialist - DCS20092301

Zyxware enables brands to define and execute the next steps in their digital transformation journey; a journey towards rich, personalised experiences for their stakeholders. Zyxware assures sustainable results for businesses on the twin engines of privacy-centred data strategy and digital services focused on scalability and adaptiveness.

Headquartered in India, with offices in the USA & Australia - Zyxware has a team with competencies in Business, Engineering, and Experience, enabling brands to achieve digital agility and leadership in their categories since 2006.

Role Description

Zyxware’s prime USP is our engineering capability and understanding of ‘Digital’ possibilities. We offer Digital Consulting Services, Platform Engineering Services, and Impact Services as part of our services portfolio to our clients. Currently, we are looking for a Digital Communications Specialist to join our marketing team. The professional will be reporting to the Marketing Manager. 



Job Overview

This role requires a brand publisher and an investigative journalist mindset- to execute a communication strategy for our growth. The resource will be responsible for various types of content being published on our own, earned and paid channels. During the content creation process, they need to ensure the alignment of the content with target personas, their interactions with the brand at various stages,  journey,  research a subject, find relevant angles, create grabbing headlines, expertly guide the content development process, and measure the success of each content piece. This person must understand the basic best practices of the main social media channels, which content and approaches work on each channel, and why. 

Knowledge requirements include a basic understanding of digital channels to connect with the audience, social media, content categorization and structure, content development, distribution and measurement, and measurement technologies. The goal is to manage and grow the company's presence on social media and other digital outlets.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • The key results expected from this role are effective communication results like awareness, interest, and action
  • Finetune the editorial guidelines on a need basis and ensure that the content - from contributors as well as self - is consistent with our brand identity. Run awareness programs amongst contributors.
  • Contribute towards creating a content marketing strategy to meet the business objectives at the lowest possible cost
  • Be responsible for all content production for digital channels based on communication strategy and generate traffic, drive engagement, and collect leads as part of the marketing program.
  • Build and deliver publishing calendar and organisation workflows to generate content
  • Collaborate with internal and external teams to create engaging content pieces that push specific target audiences further along the marketing funnel
  • Research and develop content like use cases, case studies, industry insights, thought leadership content, videos, blogs, whitepapers, ebooks, reports, webinars, infographics, podcasts, social media posts, newsletters, etc.
  • Leverage digital channels including email/newsletter distribution, social networks, third-party portals, and the Zyxware website for content dissemination
  • Measurement and optimization of the content generation program will be required on a regular and ongoing basis
  • Manage creative resources including designers, writers, and third-party vendors
  • Deliver executive presentations on the program approaches and results of the content marketing programs (Leading and Key Performance Indicators).
  • Act as the POC for all communication support required for talent acquisition and talent engagement 
  • Drive internal communication through constant optimising of communication strategy to the employees
  • Take complete ownership of the internal communication channel “Samvad” 


Education:   Bachelor's/ Master's degree
Area of Education: Communications, Journalism
Experience:   0 - 1 year experience 

Certification: It is good to have content marketing certification from reputed organisations like MICA

Key Skills:

In-depth understanding of content marketing (persona development, media channels, basic SEO, content research and ideation, content promotion, content writing and editing, developing audience personas, social media, etc.); Strong writing, negotiation, time-management, prioritisation, and creativity in messaging; teamwork and the ability to meet deadlines; extensive knowledge and experience with social media platforms; ability to plan, manage, and execute initiatives; abilities in investigative journalism