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Explore novel beats beyond trifling diurnal stories. Detach from crime and scandals to concentrate on uncharted territories that matter. Write about enterprise tech, eGovernance, technology in public administration, public-facing technology, workflow management, automation, small and medium businesses, content management systems and anything and everything about making the web a safe place. Make videos, shorts, long-form articles, stories, listicles, comparison videos, analysis, explainers, interviews, discussions, podcasts and much more by talking to business leaders, bureaucrats, technologists, government officials, mayors, corporates. Make your byline significant enough to touch people’s lives the world over.

Felt like reading from a wish list? It is time to make it a reality.  

If you know how to divide a number by a fraction, possess a nose for news, value technology that makes our lives better, find compelling stories in software repositories, make Zyxware your springboard to success.

Mathematical ability and the power of reasoning will take you a long way.

We at Zyxware Technologies are looking for Journalists to manage our web properties. While we aren’t a media company, we have extensive knowledge about how cyber media works. We have greased many a media organisation’s web presence with our technology stack. And this time, we are speaking for ourselves.

Who are we?

Zyxware is a software solutions company with a clientele in over 18 countries. We have offices in Australia, India and the USA. We spearhead digital transformation for organisations, helping them improve their processes, implement new ones, and achieve their goals through digital technology. In our 15 years of existence, we are ranked in the top 15 Drupal organisations globally and have a clientele that includes UN & INSEAD.



Why you?

Suppose you’re an engineering graduate stuck up in the wrong place or a journalism and mass communication major tired of the monotony of daily chores. You know, you are an exceptional storyteller who could convince others with your skill. You love to write and enjoy others listening to you. You are curious, ready to engage and describe things with passion. You are looking at a role that allows you to work with our digital media team, including SEO analysts, digital consultants, content strategists, communication specialists, content producers, developers and marketers.

The ideal candidate will have functional language skills, follow narrow leads, report precision, and remain impersonal. They will be techno-savvy, appreciate FOSS, read well, and digital natives/migrants. You will be at the forefront of our efforts to connect to governments and businesses across the globe.   

What will your role involve?

Craft compelling copies on Free and Open Source CMS, frameworks, databases and particularly about Drupal. Follow and report stories on Data Science, eGovernance, Public Administration, Public-facing Technologies, Public Policy Advocacy and other related subjects. Draft articles and other content on topics related to SMEs, Startups, Software Communities, New Releases, Versioneering, and the like for the websites. Conduct interviews with industry experts to publish as articles or as videos. Develop creative ideas and concepts, and collaborate with the team.


Cub journalists with less than a year of experience.


Industry-standard linked with performance incentives.


  • Degree/PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication preferably with a Science background or a Bachelor Degree in any of the Technology Domains with a firm footing in English Language. Dropouts could also apply if they have the required language skills.
  • Communication, Writing and Copy Editing Skills with an emphasis on English Grammar.
  • Desire to keep up pace with a technology crowd rather than the editorial desk of a periodical.
  • Essential Skills: New Media Journalism, Reporting, Editing, Analysing, Interviewing, Podcasting

The requirement is not for a tech journalist but a business journalist focusing on enterprise technology. We are not writing about consumer technology or new-age gadgets and wearables but will focus on community-driven initiatives. Our web properties have specific target groups, including local self-government, government decision-makers, drupal developers, FOSS enthusiasts, pubic policy advocates, small and medium businesses, large enterprises and the like. We need to storify these seemingly dry subjects to make them palatable, even for generic readers. Dare to take up the challenge?

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