How to become a successful Drupal developer
BY Moses Raymond
5 years ago

In order to hone your existing skills and make it to the top as a proficient Drupal developer, it is critical to understand and imbibe a few things that will augment your knowledge levels further.You are bound to learn many things along the path to becoming a Drupal developer, yet you shall do well to account for the following tips and succeed at all levels.

Let’s look at a few simple yet powerful tips to attain success as a Drupal developer, easily and quickly:

Study PHP: For the development of any module or theme, it is absolutely necessary for you to have total knowledge of PHP as Drupal is put together in PHP. Having said this, you shall be relieved to know that PHP is fun and easy to learn and can be learnt using the numerous online resources that are available on the World Wide Web.

PHP can be classified as:

  • Object-oriented PHP
  • Functional PHP

Once you familiarize yourself with PHP from the Drupal standpoint, it becomes easier to understand the system of hooks; pre-process functions that are distinctive to this application.

Learn Drupal API: API or Application Program Interface of Drupal has some fabulous code snippets and functions that in normal course would take eons to write but with Drupal API you will zoom through the highway in no time. Functions like node_load (), node_save () and path_to_theme () are simple yet powerful functions that will save you both time and effort.

Keep contributing: The strength and uniqueness of Drupal arises from a single source - it's community. A single bug fix can go a long way in helping the members; so do not think that the issue is too small to be reported. Do the bug fix after ensuring that you are not reporting a duplicate issue.Remember that the Drupal community thrives and encourages participation; so go ahead and contribute bug fixes, codes or testing, it all helps. The Drupal stack exchange or the IRC chats are known to give nuggets of valuable information that will counter a lot of problems that you may encounter.

Knowledge of commenting, security and coding: Complete familiarity with these three standards are the key to success in Drupal development:

  • Write code that secures and stands up to weaknesses against SQL or XSS and ensure that your module is resistant to opening against them.
  • For proper functioning and general cleanliness of the project, keep up with the quality codes
  • Other coders and developers need to know and understand what you are doing. Hence proper commenting is a habit you must develop.
  • Lastly, keep your mind open to other technologies at it is equally important to be aware of competition, so that when it is time to match-up against others, you know what you to expect.

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on 02nd August 2012 / by Anoop John
When you want to move a Drupal site from one hosting server to another you have to ensure that the site works the same way on the new server as it used to work on the old server. There is no real fool proof way of doing this other than to meticulously document all the custom aspects associated with setting up the site and verifying it on the new server. The following is a checklist of information you have to collect before you move your Drupal site from one server to another. Drupal Solution Checklist Migration

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