Consultant - Digial Marketing (Digital Consulting Business Unit) @ Zyxware Technologies (CO012012)

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Zyxware Technologies is a 14-year-old digital solutions provider operating as a partner to clients from North America, Europe, Australia, India, and GCC countries drawn from verticals like retail, media, education, public sector, finance, and healthcare. We are currently strengthening our Digital consulting team with new capabilities that are a healthy mix of vertical expertise and state of the art of technology competency. The present opportunity is for a Consultant looking to make a mark in the area of digital transformation.


As a Consultant of digital marketing in the Digital consulting team, the person will be leading digital transformation engagements with clients during the sales cycle and the execution phase. The Consultant is expected to develop value propositions for clients individually or as part of a team. The Consultant is also expected to contribute to building client-side alignment around the value propositions, project management and oversight over project management, client acquisition, vendor management, demand identification and projects sourcing from clients, organizing service delivery, partner identification, publishing point of views, publishing, and presenting and promoting ideas.

Digital engagements usually involve

  1. Digital marketing strategy and operations
  2. UX audit, strategy design, and implementation
  3. Data Analytics
  4. Marketing automation and lead generation
  5. Content marketing and organic growth - SEO, Domain authority
  6. Community building and engagement 
  7. Advertisement strategies
  8. Monetization strategies
  9. Product optimization and enhancement

A thorough understanding of digital transformation and revenue generation opportunities through digital channels is essential for this position. A strong appreciation of using cutting-edge technologies like AI, Analytics, and Martech tools is necessary. The Consultant is also expected to support the branding and capability development initiatives of Zyxware Technologies.


  1. Advice clients on growth initiatives and cost savings opportunities through investment in digital
  2. Advice and lead digital initiatives of customers against a digital transformation architecture for marketing and sales function
  3. Interact with technical teams (internal and external vendors), partners, and business leads to devise a strategy for operation and execute it.
  4. Device strategies that help clients grow their business through digital channels organically in a lean startup model for building a sustainable system for the long term, using appropriate learnings from marketing and psychology, data and experimentation, and effectively utilizing tech tools and automation
  5. Work closely with Sales, Marketing, Platform engineering, and QA teams to close sales qualified leads on digital engagements.
  6. Identify, evaluate, and onboard vendors and partners who can support the digital consulting unit to execute the digital engagement projects successfully.
  7. Consultants work individually or as part of the team to drive the digital engagements with the client.
  8. Define and fine-tune the digital offerings based on the client's inputs and contribute to the asset-building activities within the digital consulting unit.
  9. Identification of additional opportunities within the customer base and achieve the revenue targets set by the management.
  10. Oversee engineering projects as per the requirements emerging from the consulting engagement with the client.
  11. Design and delivery of customer presentations.
  12. Maintain and continuously develop domain and technical knowledge.
  13. Share knowledge across the team and continuously develop and enhance personal and team capabilities.
  14. Contribute to marketing collateral development.

Skills Required

  1. General Management graduate with a good understanding of Marketing
  2. 2+ years of experience post the management studies
  3. 2+ years of experience in the IT field before joining the management school
  4. Working experience in web-related IT projects, especially in improving the revenue generation opportunities for the organization through digital channels
  5. Experience in working on a digital marketing project that uses Martech tools is desirable.
  6. Good analytical skills
  7. Good communication and presentation skills
  8. Required knowledge in marketing, including Research for marketing decisions, Brand management, Product management, Advertising management, Consumer behavior, Rural management, Retailing Management, Competitive marketing strategy, Sales and distribution management, business to business marketing management, International marketing, pricing strategy, marketing management in the world of high tech and innovation, digital marketing channels and matrices, Search engine and Social media marketing, organic growth through content and inbound marketing
  9. Ability to prepare digital strategies and investment roadmap for clients with an understanding of principles of competitive intelligence, technology competition, and business, managing new ventures, new product development, business planning, strategic leadership, strategic thinking and decision making, managing alliances, strategic management of technology and innovation
  10. Drive operations for clients collaborating with the Zyxware Platform Engineering team, external vendors, partners, and business leaders from the client-side using the skills in project management, technology, and operations strategy, services management, project programs, and portfolio management
  11. Architect data capturing mechanisms, analyze data captured or gathered, and generate insights to optimize the digital strategy to grow the business. The required skills include business data mining and decision models, marketing analytics, management information systems and technology, business analytics, and intelligence.  

If you meet the above requirements, please mail in your resume with the subject 'Application for the post of Consultant' to [email protected]

Please note that while the management appreciates your interest and application for the job, it may not be possible to send a personalized response to all applicants. Shortlisted applicants will receive an e-mail or a telephonic communication within two weeks of your application.