Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems

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Nowadays, video surveillance systems are being placed in public spaces to strengthen public safety. The video footage captured through surveillance cameras is routinely used to identify suspects and is used as evidence in courts.

With hundreds of surveillance systems being operated simultaneously, the traditional procedures of operating it from a control room containing hundreds of screens, and manually being monitored for anomalies have their limitations. At any given time, the law enforcement personnel will be able to look at few screens. In addition, they are susceptible to human shortcomings such as fatigue and distraction, which adds to the lapses in the
surveillance system.

Video Surveillance as a Service or VSaaS, is an online service comprising of cloud video recording, cloud video storage, remote viewing, managed alerts. By integrating Cloud Vision APIs, video analytics harnessing the power
of cloud-computing can monitor live feeds from millions of security cameras, track objects, tag the activities with a
timestamp, detect, and notify security personnel in event of any suspicious person, object, event, or activity.

New research in this field, is using gait tracking to uniquely identify people by the way they walk – this as per the research seems to be more effective for public surveillance since security personnel could identify a person even if they are disguised facially and amidst a crowd.