Collaborative Learning and Networking in Business Setting

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Knowledge Partner Network

Kofi Annan, former General Secretary to UN and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate referred to knowledge as power, information as liberating, and education as the premise of progress. The sharing of knowledge helps in coping with the complexities in real-life situations; people coming together to make sense of the challenges they face through dialogue and joint problem-solving.

What is Knowledge Partner Network?

Knowledge can be defined as information received and interpreted to understand a situation, to apply to a challenge, or to make life better. The concept of knowledge generation and dissemination is deeply embodied in the process of making a difference. This extends beyond activities related to creating new insights and leads to innovation, discussions of how policy and actions can be changed for better.

The Knowledge Partner Network is a collaboration we are envisioning with organizations/ institutions where the partnership will be mutually beneficial to creation and dissemination of knowledge ideas and practices. Knowledge partners could include people in the intersection of technology and e-commerce, media, education, public sector, and healthcare. People such as experienced professionals, marketing students, researchers.

Background for this initiative

Since 2006, we have been a Drupal partner for a number of clients across the world in retail, media, public sector, education, and healthcare. With many of these organizations, we have built long-standing technology partnerships, often stretching to over 5 years and in some cases over 8 years. As an organization, we are also committed to Open Source as a philosophy. We are one of the world's leading code contributors to Drupal. Another way in which we contribute is by documenting and sharing the technical solutions we provided, on our website. The rich experience on Drupal in multiple sectors has made our site a ‘go to place’ for Drupal programmers across the world when they are looking for solutions.

On the business side, we have also made a transition from Drupal services provider to being business IT solutions provider with focus on the above sectors. While Drupal continues to be the centerpiece, we have added mobility, analytics, digital marketing to our suite of services and we bring in flavor of business IT consultancy into our engagements with select clients.

We are looking to convert our site into a Knowledge Portal covering Business IT solutions. Our previous articles have been primarily about Drupal problem solving and it was well appreciated where a number of programmers across the world could find solutions to pressing problems they were trying to solve at their end. This is our inspiration to take the next step and build our site into a Business IT Solutions portal within the constraints of not harming client confidentiality and privacy, respecting their intellectual property and protecting our revenue possibilities. We want the problems to be well-defined ones with a solution direction that will be useful for our readers in the business community and the knowledge partner network.

Our vision: Building network conducive to growth and development

Knowledge Partner Network will create an environment conducive to innovation, through research of new ideas and trends, consolidation of known systems and processes, personal interactions that instigate and forge inventive processes.

Guidelines, use case scenarios, lessons learned, and good practice documents are the important content in the process of attempting to make knowledge expressible and applicable. It involves identification of experts and bringing them together through communities and networks of practice.

Are you the expert we are looking for? We invite you to come and be part of this Knowledge Partnering endeavor. Get in touch with us!