[Drupal] How to configure Ubercart Coupon module in your Drupal site?

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Coupons are used to redeem discounts while purchasing products from a store. They are mainly used for sales promotion. Here we are considering a coupon to be set for our products in our Drupal / Ubercart store so as to enable us to provide rebate or financial discounts for our products. Coupons can be set for products as a product feature. These coupons will be emailed to the user after the checkout.

  • Install modules
    1. Discount Coupon Purchase
    2. Discount Coupons
  • Click on the Store Administration
    1. Select Coupons.
    2. Select "Add new coupon"
    3. Enter Coupon name: Name for your use only.
    4. Enter Coupon code: Name that the customer will type in to apply the coupon.
  • Bulk Coupon Codes.
    1. Enables bulk generation of coupon codes.If we enable the bulk coupon code option, we will have the number of coupons to be generated.
    2. We can give the code length that is to be generated. It can vary from 8 to 30.
    3. If we are giving 8 as the code length a unique 8 digit code q would be generated and this would be attached to the code that we have added as the coupon code.
    4. Coupon Purchase Options.
      A random string of at least this many characters will be appended to the base coupon code to ensure uniqueness. You can give the desired number of suffix length.
    5. Set the coupon to Active or leave unchecked to keep inactive.
    6. Set the Discount value
    7. Set the Discount type [Percentage or Price discount] * This discount can be applied to
      • Order subtotal
      • Total of matching product(s)
      • All matching product(s)
      • The cheapest matching product(s)
      • The most expensive matching product(s)
    8. Require all products to match If checked, the coupon will be rejected if an order contains any non-applicable products as configured below.
  • Set the Expiration date
  • Now we can set the optional values as required Here we can set the
    • Minimum Order limit [minimum amount for discount to apply]
    • Minimum order quantity [minimum order quantity for discount to apply]
    • Maximum number of redemptions (per code)
    • Maximum number of redemptions (per user)
    • Product classes the discount applies to
    • Applicable Products
    • Applicable SKU’s
    • Applicable Taxonomy terms
    • User Restrictions
    • Role Restrictions
    • Wholesale permissions [If wholesale modules were set and configured]
  • Click Save

That should be it. Your coupon module should be ready to go. If you need help in customizing your Ubercart store get in touch with us.