Progress on Setting up Drupal Syllabus

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We have already created a Drupal wiki page on this on going project. You can find it over here and detailed explanation over here

We are expecting to complete this exercise by the end of March. These are the list of items that we are planning to achieve through this project

  • Introduction
  • Curriculum Objective
  • Drupal Training Syllabus
  • Learning objectives for the training program
  • Expectations on the areas the developer has to learn across the year
  • Classification of Drupal developer based on knowledge and experience
  • Training materials for in-class training
  • Drupal exercises for the in-class training
  • Questions for the weekly tests for the first month
  • Questions for the monthly tests for the first three months
  • Questions for the quarterly tests for the first year

Defining the curriculum objective, topics included in the syllabus, learning objectives of all topics have got completed. We have prepared a set of expectation that a developer should possess in one year of his Drupal development cycle. He may or may not get the chance to work in all kinds of projects, but it is his duty to gain the knowledge across the platform, that makes him valuable in the field. You can find the complete set of expectation here in this page.

One of the important item that we contributed to the community is the standardization of classification for Drupal developers. It is a wild guess, most of the time, which all are the knowledge areas a 2 year experienced Drupal developer should possess, our standardization play here. You can find the complete picture in this page.

We expect this will be a starting point, that everyone can join on the go, that is why we chose Drupal wiki to build this on.