Testing Using API Endpoints

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In API testing there is no front end available for testing. A logic layer will be build for the application on which we perform testing. Here emphasis will be on functional flow. It is basically a black box testing of various functionalities based on the response generated for an API call. These Responses for the API calls are used to validate the interactions.

Basics of API Testing

It is used to test interaction between various levels of software components. Testing is done using the API endpoints validation is performed based on the return value. Response can be Success true or Success false which can be tested by common testing techniques.

API testing is performed using tools which are used to handle the API calls and response. An environment set up is to be done along with setting up of server and database. This can be used for testing in combination with API testing tool.

In API testing we will have a response for the request made. The response should be having all the requested details and provided there is a key match. Response for a particular scenario can be compared with the expected result from the sample response provided and any deviation can be because of incorrect API interactions.

API testing is used by testing professionals to find out issues in API interactions. Coverage can be ensured by trying various combinations of input by employing common test techniques like boundary value analysis equivalence class etc.



Common issues found in API testing

  • Page not available for the corresponding API call.
  • Issues in getting response for an API call.
  • Error message displayed is incorrect.

Tools used

  • Advanced REST Client
  • Hurlit

Challenges faced in API testing

There is no GUI available for testing only API endpoints are available at the time of testing. Testing is performed with the help of API testing tools. Validation is done by checking the response for the API call for any deviation from expected behaviour.