What are the challenges of ETL Testing ?

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ETL or Data warehouse testing is quite different with regular testing. There are lot of challenges are facing while performing ETL or Data warehouse testing. Do you need a testing expert or want help in your business, just click here to hear from us.

The main challenges of ETL or Data warehouse testing includes :

  • Data loss during ETL testing.
  • Duplicate data and Incompatibility.
  • Lack of inclusive test bed.
  • Testers have no benefits to execute ETL jobs by their own.
  • Data volume and complexity is huge.
  • Inefficient in procedures and business process.
  • Inconvenience securing and building test data.
  • Absence of business course information.

Data plays a very important role in business to make business decisions. ETL testing plays a notable role in reliability, consistent and validation process. For more information, click here