Things you need to Consider before Designing a Drupal Website

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It is extremely vital to introspect a bit before you get on the path to redesigning your website. You need to have sufficient clarity on what you want to achieve by doing this. Is your website about buying products? Are customers required to fill out an application form? Is it about subscription to a newsletter? By getting clarity on the actions your users need to take while visiting your website, it becomes easier to create the website’s framework or information architecture.

Here a few points that you need to consider before you start designing a Drupal website

What is the current website achieving/not achieving?

Taking stock of your present website is an important step - you can discard all that is not required and make a complete list of all that is absolutely necessary. This is the ideal time to analyse customer complaints if any, about the website/services and consider which areas are of interest or disinterest to your web visitors.

Use data to analyse and make decisions that will serve you well in the longer period. Analyze and gain understanding on why customers leave the page after reaching a certain point; this will help you to add an interesting link or content.



What are the drawbacks of your existing CMS?

The ideal time to check whether the present Content Management System is doing its job for you, is while considering this change. Drupal allows you to make changes in the website even if you do not have coding experience; hence there isn't too much dependence on the developer. Choose a CMS that fits all your requirements and manages your content effectively.

How much time will this migration/designing take?

This question is crucial, especially if your business involves e-commerce. Any gap during peak hours will lead to considerable revenue loss and also have a negative impact on customers. Make sure the redesigning of website happens during non-peak hours, so that customer traffic is least affected and your business moves on smoothly.

Have I created a back-up for my existing website?

A back-up for the existing website is necessary before you move on to designing a Drupal website. This is vital as there is always the possibility of a redesign going wrong and to counter this, a copy of an up-to-date version of your website is most critical.

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