Stay on top of your Game : Managing Digital Content with Drupal

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In this era of instant publishing, media organizations with a massive amount of assets such as photographs, PDFs, graphics and videos require the means to centrally store and process them in order to share them across multiple websites. Media companies have to manage and distribute relevant digital content across these multiple locations in the right size, with the appropriate titles and with the necessary copyright information.

Today, there are several softwares available exclusively for Digital Asset Management that websites can use to effortlessly manage their online assets. But why do you need to use different programs to manage your website and your digital assets separately when you can do this and much more with a single software like Drupal?

Drupal is the most sought-after CMS for building websites. Drupal also offers a fascinating array of features to manage your digital assets. Drupal lets you run your website and manage your digital assets from a single central repository. How cool is that?

Here are 10 reasons why you should use Drupal as your DAM:

  • Drupal is license free open software, which means it comes with amazing asset management modules that are free of cost, which in turn reduces your digital marketing costs significantly.
  • The greatest benefit of using Drupal for digital asset management is that it saves you time, money and effort. How? With Drupal, you will not have to employ separate programmes for building your website and managing your digital assets.
  • Since Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. offer a wide API support for Drupal, companies can ensure smooth digital asset distribution externally to their audience through social media.
  • Drupal ensures that specific digital assets are given access to their respective users. This promotes a safe and systematic internal distribution of digital assets.
  • Another common issue that marketers face is retrieving digital assets. With the accumulation of heaps of content into the system, the process of retrieving becomes tedious. The Taxonomy module is Drupal takes care of it by helping in quick content retrieval.
  • Drupal asset manager module lets you use, reuse and edit the digital assets within Drupal.
  • Drupal’s publishing tools make it easier to manage and share digital content.
  • Digital assets not only include the images, texts and videos but it also refers to the layout and themes. Drupal provides a wide range of themes and layouts that can be customized.
  • Being smart device friendly, Drupal allows distribution of digital assets to various smart devices.
  • Advanced and efficient functionalities such as advanced menu management, polls management, graphics modification tool and user management lets you manage and distribute digital content resourcefully.

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