Migrate your media site to Drupal 8, stay ahead of the curve

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With the proliferation of new technologies, the entire business model in the entertainment and media industry has undergone a dramatic change – this has facilitated the creation of new business needs, and customization has become the latest mantra that fosters communication, sharing, originality, and pro-activeness. The tremendous growth in digital communication has spurred an increase in the audience, while throwing up numerous bottlenecks that need to be effectively addressed.

These challenges require a robust, dynamic and scalable technology that will support the media industry in powering its websites and applications. Drupal 8, the latest version of Drupal; the world's leading Open-source Content Management System (CMS), can provide a host of benefits to the entertainment and media industry.

Benefits of migrating your media site to Drupal 8:

Dynamic Content Management: The media industry needs content publishing to be done in a quick and efficient manner, and Drupal 8 helps in managing the content through its different phases such as acquisition, preparation, packaging, circulation, and archiving. The massive data volumes are one of the major challenges of a media website. Thanks to the flexibility of Drupal 8, management of data becomes pretty easier, systematic and efficient.

Increases Revenue Generation: It is really expensive to build and maintain a media or an entertainment website but since Drupal 8 is a free and open-source CMS, the revenue generated by a media website built using Drupal is definitely higher. It actually facilitates the creation of business models that can easily monetize the content by making use of personalized interactions like promotions, subscriptions, and advertising. This maximizes revenue generation and ensures that the high investment return is sustainable throughout it's life cycle.

Improves Social Media Interaction: In this age of Social media, consumers are highly impressed by any content that is shareable and promotes interaction. Drupal 8 enables the prospective customer to create content; this personalization inturn allows him to make a purchase decision.

Increases the user’s attention span and significantly reduces clutter: With Drupal 8’s intelligent interface, it is easy to hold the consumer's attention span, thus keeping them from moving on to the next site. Drupal 8’s built-in customization module is perfect for media organizations, as it helps to clearly understand the choice of the user and declutters the visual junk that is being thrown at him/her, thus creating a unique and awesome customer experience.

Portability: Today, the user has access to a variety of devices such as the mobile, tablet, desktops and laptops, and obviously a website that adapts to all these devices can be a versatile and useful medium to get across to the potential client. Drupal 8 has sensibly applied the creation of layouts that acclimatize to the various modern devices, and thus is perfectly suitable for the media industry.

Language: Media industry reaches out to innumerable geographical locations and languages. In this context, a website that has the capability to mould itself to a specific language can be extremely effective, and Drupal 8 is surely the multilingual CMS that the media industry desperately needs. Regional content and translation to the local language is extremely easy and can be easily implemented using Drupal 8.

Safety: The security of a website is of prime importance especially for media and entertainment portals, as there is a lot of client interaction and the data volume is also huge as compared to others. Drupal 8 has more built-in security features than its predecessors especially with the incorporation of TWIG templates, thus increasing the security level a notch up. Also, the removal of PHP input filter will work wonders in up scaling the security.

If you are part of the media industry and need a robust and updated CMS for your business, do get in touch with the experts at Zyxware, where we have made Drupal a way of life. The long list of clients from the media and entertainment space is proof of our success and the trust that our clients share with us. Talk to us today and step in to the secure world of Drupal development.


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