Tips to migrate to Drupal

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So your organization has taken the decision to migrate to Drupal from the existing CMS and you are responsible to ensure an even and glitch-free transition? Drupal, as we all know, is a secure, open-source content management system that has a fantastic developer network and will prove to be an excellent makeover for your CMS.

This powerful and adaptable CMS has been used by major websites like Al-Jazeera, Georgetown University, UNRWA and many more to great effect as Drupal has a continually evolving and passionate developer network, that help to meet the changing user needs.

We recommend the implementation of a few pre-migration steps to make a smooth switch-over to Drupal. This will take care of the unseen delays and pitfalls that you may encounter:

Keep a migratory plan ready: Having a plan in place will save you a lot on the budget front and also the project time itself. As cost can become a prohibiting factor and a strong reason for not migrating, your plan will ensure that the proper process is undertaken, thus ensuring savings on time and cost. Any Drupal development firm will be glad to have a client who has answers to their queries before they are raised, and these queries could be:

  • Is there a fixed time frame to migrate and if yes, what is it?
  • Is it necessary to migrate all metadata, tags, users and data?
  • Have you nominated an individual who will lead the migration process?
  • Are the investments for migration justified?

Branding awareness: Your branding is the main reason why your website exists and you should ensure that the Drupal development team is focused and aware of your existing branding strategy. The team needs to be aware of its new direction without which the new website will fall woefully short of your expectations.Discussing your current and future goals with your team will help you to brief the development team and transform your website into a brilliant and spanking new Drupal-based one.

Take a re-look at the content: Your existing web content may have become stale and repetitive and this migration will present a great opportunity for you to take a relook at the content. Drupal is an awesome Content management system and having well-written content will be absolutely necessary to give it a great new feel and needless to say, this will truly help your business. So, start working on the content or out-source content writing work the moment the decision to migrate is taken. As good content writing takes time, it should not be the reason for delay in the launch of the website.

An extremely important decision that has to be taken is the selection of the perfect Drupal Development team which will be entrusted with the task of developing the website.

  • You will need to check on a few things after you shortlist a few:
  • Has this team worked successfully on projects similar to yours?
  • Have they been approved by Drupal?

If your organization is clear about its needs and want to build a completely functional website, please make an in-depth analysis of your needs and make sure this is conveyed to the chosen Drupal development team for their understanding. By doing this, you shall cut down on a lot of heart-burn and last minute meetings and drive smoothly down the road to migration.

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