Increase your digital revenues with Drupal!

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If you own a media or entertainment website, you would know the amount of competition you face every day to be on the top. Too much of competition obviously means a decrease in the digital revenue, but a Drupal powered media website on the other hand guarantees sufficient digital revenues.

And here is how Drupal strengthens your online revenues:

Helps maintain multiple websites: Most media and entertainment firms develop and manage individual websites for multiple artists and entertainers. This can be costly but Drupal provides a centralized platform for managing multiple websites cost-effectively.

Swiftly producing and distributing content: The Media and entertainment industry is pretty dynamic. News happens every minute, and so if you want to stay ahead of the competition, fresh content has to be updated regularly, which would eventually drive more traffic to your website. So, more traffic invariably means more revenue! A powerful and customizable CMS like Drupal can be used even by a non-techie to update and manage visually pleasing fresh content on your website.

Advertisement Management: Advertisements are a major source of income for all media and entertainment websites. Drupal ad modules let media websites manage advertising space and banners on their websites. For managing ads from various providers, Drupal’s Ad manager module offers a single interface which makes the process much easier.

Easy digital streaming: Drupal creates infinite opportunities for generating online revenue through digital advertisement streaming. Media companies create interactive ads for readers with engaging content and include ads with sensational and appealing videos.

Creating paid subscription websites: You can create subscription websites using Drupal’s subscription modules or you can also make use of the monetization modules such as advertising promotion modules to bag in more bucks.

Enables sales of digital products: The products that media and entertainment companies sell are mainly files, videos and images. Drupal websites can make the selling of download links a very simple process. Drupal also lets you categorize premium content as “pay per view” or “pay to access” in order to get paid to share the content.

Media and entertainment companies draw audiences and entertain them by providing free content, selling premium content, and delivering value-added services. They cater to listeners and viewers wherever they are by smoothly supporting both web and mobile applications, and then monetizing the results. Drupal has all the necessary modules (available free) for designing such media and entertainment websites that can make a lot of money.

At Zyxware, we are experts in building Drupal websites tailored to meet the fast-changing needs of the media and entertainment industry. Over the years, we have successfully implemented several Drupal-based websites for our clients in the media space.If you are thinking about starting a media or entertainment website, then look no further because we, at Zyxware, are here to help you.

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