How to delete all nodes of a particular content type in Drupal

| | 1 min read

Are you looking for an easy way to delete hundreds and thousands of nodes in your Drupal CMS? We all know how to delete it using the normal admin panel which forces us to select all and clicking the delete button again and again. If you are a lazy person then probably you don't like to waste your time to find some stupid script to delete all nodes. In fact there is no need to do that, since somebody had already done that. I am saying about the Devel Generate module. Yes, Devel Generate to delete nodes!

Download and enable Devel Generate module. Go to the generate content menu under Generate Items. This page will show you the list of content types available and some more settings. All you have to do is check the content type of your desire and the 'Delete all content' check boxes. Also don't forget to enter the number of nodes to generate as zero and click the 'Do it!' button. Now you can give rest to your mouse button and grab a mug of beer and chill!

Update: VBO and Delete all can be used for the same purpose read more about that here.