Important considerations when choosing a web development framework

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The foremost and possibly the most critical decision to be taken at the beginning of any web development project is making the perfect and right choice of a suitable web development framework. We are sure all the team members of the development team would be nodding their heads in agreement and there is a strong and solid reason for this. During its early years, Drupal was questioned for its ability to qualify as a full-fledged development framework. However, within a short span of time, Drupal did prove its capability as a web development framework and established itself as a leader. Today, Drupal is being used by web developers across the world.

While choosing the right framework for your Web development project, it is important to consider the following criteria and make an informed decision:

The framework should be well-known:It is a known fact that more a web development framework is recognized and acknowledged in the development circles and communities, the more it can be expected to evolve and grow into a mature product. As a web development framework that is versatile and evolving, Drupal has garnered attention and respect from web developers and tech-teams.

Growing Community size:A framework that is supported by a rapidly developing and ever-burgeoning community is bound to be pumped in with new ideas and can be assured of some great quality plug-ins on a regular basis. The Drupal community is one such community that is snowballing into a growing mass of knowledge and consistent inputs.

Professional involvement: It has been well-documented and accepted by the web development teams around the world that a web development framework that has true professionals at its core will always create tools that will meet the demands and requirements of other professionals too.

Security should be a key focus:A development framework that is capable of warding off potential threats and can minimize the security risk to its core should be considered for web development and applications. Drupal has focused on the security aspect from the beginning and with the introduction of Drupal 8 in the market, Drupal development services has upped the ante and raised the bar for security and safety, a notch higher.

Minimization of the learning curve:The lesser the time spent on learning about a web development framework, the quicker the completion of a web development project. For this precise reason, selecting a framework that allows this liberty is bound to find popularity amongst web developers of the modern, fast-paced world. Drupal, with its minimum learning curve, is easy to grasp and commits itself quickly to the cause of speedy and swift implementation.

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