Check list for UI testing?

| | 1 min read

User Interface testing comes under Non Functional Testing type. In UI testing, our intention is to validate user interface which is designed professionally or not. Here is the basic check list for UI testing :

  • Check whether all the required elements are showing correctly in the web page
  • Check whether the contents are displaying correctly in the web page.
  • Check whether the spelling of the objects are correct.
  • Check whether the contents available in the page is aligned properly.
  • Check whether the fonts (font size & type) used in the content region maintains consistency.
  • Check whether the mandatory fields are highlighting correctly.
  • Check whether the colors used in the hyperlinks maintaining consistency.
  • Check whether the background color used in the site maintains consistency or not.
  • Check whether the images used in the pages are properly aligned.
  • Check whether the navigation of the links in the pages are working correctly.
  • Check whether the instructions/ error messages are showing correctly in the screen.
  • Check whether the site conveys a clear sense to its intended audience
  • Check whether the site is consistent and have clearly recognizable look & feel

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