Drupal 6 Site: Upgrade to Pressflow

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Drupal 8 was released on Nov 19th, 2015. Though Drupal 6 end of life was declared on February 24th, 2016, there are still over 84,845 Drupal 6 websites on the web.

What does end of Life Mean for Drupal 6?

As per Drupal 6 end of life, the security team will no longer provide support or security advisories for Drupal 6 and the core of Drupal 6 will no longer receive community support.

For those users that still have an installation of Drupal 6 and are unable to upgrade to Drupal 7 or Drupal 8, a D6LTS (Drupal 6 Long Term Support) has been created to provide long-term support for Drupal 6. By updating Drupal 6 to Pressflow, you get the solution provided by the D6LTS in which Drupal 6 site can be made secure at very low cost.

There can be two major issues that hold back these Drupal 6 sites from upgrading to Drupal 7 or Drupal 8. If the site is complex, it can be that they are waiting for a stable version of Drupal 8 before migrating to it. Or they do not want to migrate to Drupal 7 when the next version is already available (Drupal 8). The second major issue can be the budget needed to migrate.



What is Pressflow?

Pressflow is a fully API compatible distribution of Drupal with integrated performance, scalability, availability and testing enhancements. The Drupal 6 Long Term Support (D6LTS) team will be releasing the security fixes in Pressflow. Upgrading Drupal 6 to Pressflow is not time-consuming, and provides a minimal budget solution to keep the Drupal 6 site secure. Pressflow upgrade is recommended by the D6LTS vendors for Drupal 6 websites.

Benefits of Upgrading a Drupal 6 Site to Pressflow

  • Pressflow will be updated with the needed security fixes and release patches
  • Pressflow is open source software
  • Built in support tools for high-performance websites at par with Drupal 7
  • Allows database replication
  • Support for external reverse proxy caching using Varnish
  • 100% API compliant
  • Optimized for PHP 5 and MySQL 5

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