How to connect to Amazon EC2 using Filezilla

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There are two sections of steps to establish connection using FileZilla to Amazon EC2 instance. To connect to Amazon EC@ instance, import the key file to Filezilla.

Import key file to Filezilla.

  • Edit-> Settings -> Connection -> SFTP
  • Click on "Add Keyfile" button.
  • Browse to the location of your key file (.pem file provided by Amazon).
  • Convert the .pem file to the supported format.

For connecting to Amazon EC2 Instance.

  • Go to Site manager -> New site
  • Fill in the following information
    • Host: DNS name of EC2 instance.
    • File transfer protocol: SFTP-SSH.
    • Logon Type: Normal.
    • User: Your default username.
    • Password: Leave it as empty.
    • Click Connect button.

Edit: FileZilla by default will figure out the desired key.

Please feel free to contact us if any queries on the configurations.