[Drupal] How to share webforms between different sites in Drupal 7?

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I had a requirement to create webform in multiple environments. Webforms cannot be exported as features. Webform_share module helps to export the webform and then imported the same in my different work environment. The Webform_share module requires webform module. For installation, download and enable the webform_share module.

Steps to export webform includes:

  • After enabling this module export and import options are available to the webforms.
  • Export and import are placed at the right of form settings on the page (node/[nid]/webform).
  • Click export button to export the entire webform, a copy of the webform gets downloaded.

Steps to import webform includes:

  • Create new webform.
  • Export and import are places at the right of form settings on page (node/[nid]/webform).
  • Click import button to import the entire webform,which directs to the page (node/[nid]/webform/ws-import)
  • Copy the entire code generated from a webform share export and paste it into the 'import code' textarea field.
  • Click submit.
  • The exported webform will be now available in the new environment.

Note that, the existing webform components are completely replaced with the new webform components. If a component is removed or the key name is renamed, you can't access to any user submitted data.

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