[Drupal] How can we add donation forms using LuminateExtend Library in Drupal?

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I have worked with a tiny portion of a website dealing with online donations. Here I came across the LuminateExtend Library. LuminateExtend is a JavaScript library for use with Blackbaud's Luminate Online product suite which provides a JavaScript wrapper around its API with some useful functions.

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It is mainly used for websites using online payments, donations, fund raising websites etc. We can use Luminate Online Developer Kit, which contains API, web services etc. from open.convio.com.

I have to create an account with convio.com and configure the features necessary for settings up the type of donation forms required in my project. Before using luminateExtend.js, some of the basic steps I have done are:

  • Set up the APIKeys using the path 'Setup -> Site Options -> Open API Configuration'.
  • Whitelist the project by JavaScript/Flash Configuration.
  • Created luminateExtend_server PageBuilder page
  • Uploaded luminateExtend_client.html etc.

For detailed information about LuminateExtend click here.