Why should we use Automation testing?

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As we all know current IT industry trend is to moving towards automation testing. Automation testing means using a software tool to run repeatable tests against the application to be tested. Automated Testing can perform regression testing quickly. It will be useful to execute the set of test cases frequently. Automation testing can also be done on different machine with different OS platform combination, simultaneously.

Lets understand the importance of Automation testing.

Automated Software Testing Saves Time and Money

Usually testing process need to be repeated to ensure the quality of the product. In the case of manual testing this process will be time consuming and costly. In order to overcome this issue we use automation testing. Once we created automated script then it can be run over and over again at no additional cost and they are much faster than manual tests.

Testing Improves Accuracy

There are certain cases when manual testing is difficult. For example-In low level regression testing. It will be very difficult to perform manual testing as it will prone to error. Whereas Automated testing is much better equipped to find errors for this kind of testing.

Increase Test Coverage

Automated software testing have the capability to look inside an application and see memory contents, database tables, file content to determine if the product is behaving as expected. Automated testing can easily execute thousands of complex test cases during every test run providing coverage which is not possible with manual tests

Everyone can see results

When one person is doing manual testing, the rest of the team can’t see the results of the tests being run. With automated tests, people can sign into the testing system and see the results. This allows for team collaboration and a better final product.

Hope this article will helps you to understand the importance of Automation Testing