[Drupal] How to follow coding standards in drupal 7?

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Being a fresher to Drupal, your first step is to focus on the Coding Standards In Drupal 7. Drupal community is very serious about coding standards. Entire source code should follow the current standards, regardless of the (core) version.

How do we do that?

Where do we start with the coding standards?

If you have a good background on core PHP then it won`t be a big deal, rather you have to notice the spacing in the coding. The notes provided by Drupal is to ensure that the users are aware of the Drupal coding standards.

Basic coding standards of Drupal 7

The basics coding standards for Drupal 7 includes the following:

How to check?

Most people tried to check their code again and again to confirm whether it is broken or not. But its hard to find whether there is any violation of the coding standards. Coder is the module which comes in handy in this process. It will check your code and will give warnings about coding standard violation. To download, click on the Coder Module.

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